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Although this is an exciting opportunity, it is imperative that to become a network host we carefully select the right individual or couple. Previous experience of investing, business or networking is not necessary. However, an interest in property is a must. You should also enjoy meeting and helping individuals, have the ability to engage with like-minded people and have a strong belief in building a community spirit within your local area.

As our ambassadors in that area, we will also be looking for you to possess qualities such as:- Good time management, the desire to succeed, honesty and integrity, an initiative in problem solving, a professional approach and understanding of how networking and the use of social media can increase your earning potential. If you have the desire to run your own business, then this opportunity can potentially bring you lucrative rewards and improve your knowledge.

Once accepted in to the Property Circles Network we will provide you with full set up and ongoing support. Our aim is for you to develop your area, which will be offered on an exclusivity postcode basis. With our extensive database of investors and continuing educational events we will promote your name and business.

You will procure and build your network through friends, associates and local like-minded people and educate them on the benefits of attending your monthly informative events. With the help of guest speakers and leading property experts you will establish an unrivalled Property Network community in your area.

The UK is experiencing unrivalled interest in the latest ‘buy to let’ boom. Property is often seen as a recession proof income earning asset. In your area you will need to procure investors, landlords, agents, tradespersons, solicitors, surveyors, suppliers, other network events and companies offering alternative property services.

You will, through business to business meetings, social media and networking help promote your unique monthly event and therefore enjoy the rewards and pride of becoming the number one property event for like-minded people in your exclusivity location. (hotel, sporting club or business venue).

Now is the time! We are on the crest of a new property boom. Our postcode territory software will identify your areas demographic profiling and if your application is successful, we will meet with you, help develop your business plan, initiate your start up, set up your first event, engage speakers and provide you with the training and tools necessary for success. Thereafter you will build up your network in your choice of venue at a time and day that suits you.

The meetings will be once a month and normally for three hours, either early morning 7am – 10am or evenings 6.30pm – 9.30pm.

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