FREE Introduction to Property Investing in 2018 – Manchester

FREE Introduction to Property Investing in 2018 – Manchester

Event Details

Ticket Price: FREE

Arrive: 6.15pm

Start: 13/03/2018 6:30 pm

Venue: 1st Floor Suite 66 Hyde Road Manchester M34 3AG


Attend our FREE seminar in Manchester and allow us to explain why we believe that 2018 is the year of opportunity when it comes to property investing with an in-depth presentation detailing how to start or build your property portfolio by focusing on the following aspects –

  • 2018 the year of opportunity?
  • Off Plan – Student – Traditional
  • The future of buy to let for landlords
  • Where and what to buy blueprint
  • How to raise finance & leveraging
  • Legal & Tax Implications
  • How to start or build your portfolio
  • Market growth & predictions
  • Tenant find & applications
  • Sole Trader, Ltd company or LLP
  • Market growth and predictions
  • Why Property is the future
  • Opportunities ahead
  • Good debt Vs Bad debt
  • Understand the mind of an investor
  • Entrepreneur or business person
  • Building your team for success
  • Business plan and strategy analysis
  • Asset class comparison
  • How to buy at auction

PLUS! Details of a very exciting new investment opportunity in Manchester…

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