Investor Training

At property circles, we strongly believe an investor making informed decisions is far better than taking (mis) calculated risks. You do not learn to be an investor by buying books, DVDs, audio learning or surfing the internet. Meeting and/or attending professional structured training days or weekend bootcamps will enable and empower you to learn from people in the know.

You will have the chance to network with likeminded individuals. The three key secrets to success are; opportunity, knowledge and taking action. Its no coincidence that the rich stick to their principles; network, PMA, surround themselves with successful people, oppose the masses and most importantly … don’t work for money, let money work for you!


There are numerous aspects to becoming a property investor. PCN conduct seminar training programmes as well as a weekend bootcamp. Whether you are a novice investor or a multiple portfolio owner, we provide 1 to 1 or group training opportunities. With many protagonists out there trying to sell the dream, having hard sales people selling you the books, audios, and get rich quick schemes. Property Circles Network believe in stripping it back to basics. If you would like to discuss attending as an individual , couple or siblings learning the ropes, why not contact us today. If you are based overseas we will come to you for a 1 to 1 bespoke consultation and personal development.

“Your Network is Your Networth”

Introduction To Property Investing (1 day intensive)

Regular events with locations in Manchester, Birmingham, Central London and Heathrow Airport. Whether you are a novice investor or experienced portfolio landlord, the day is designed to bring you up to date with the modern methods of property investing in the UK. We analyse locations, types of property, financing, government legislations, taxation planning, how to let and market your property, demographic profiling, buying at auction, off plan and new build, HMO profiling and the best way to invest  from £25,000 up to £250,000. We promise this will be an intensive day and with the advantage of a money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied.

£297 + bring a friend for free.

1 to 1 Consultation

(by appointment)

At Property Circles Network, we understand your time is important and valuable to you. However, to fully implement your strategy and make your investment work, we would like to offer a no obligation 1 to 1 consultation. This could be over the phone, by email or if possible, our office or your home.

The meeting should take no more than one hour. During this time we will identify “opportunities” that may fit your plan. We will discuss areas, types of property, comparables, advantages/disadvantages, benefits, mid to long term projections, demand, reasons to buy or walk away, time scales, potential pitfalls as well as the upside.

Furthermore, we can provide a full day bespoke property investor training course for you, your partner, siblings or team members. The content is structured to take in to account your experience and specific business plan. If you prefer that one of our directors travel overseas, this can be accommodated.

If you peruse our events section, you will notice various property shows, seminars and presentations where we intend to have a presence. Apart from the UK, there are events taking place in Ireland, Monaco, Dubai, China, Singapore and Russia. Why not contact us for an initial conversation and thereafter, lets meet at your convenience.

VIP Mastery

(12 month)

The Mastery Programme and training methods will constantly evolve to keep pace with the UK property investment market. If you would like to discuss the substantial benefits of enrolling, a member of our senior team will always be available. Our philosophy is to empower you with the knowledge of our experience in an ever-changing sector. The Property Circles Network power team make your journey an informed decision rather than a calculated risk! You can start your journey at any time. Thereafter the following 12 months will be systems, strategy, development, learning and implementation. All we ask is for your commitment and desire to succeed.

  • Attendance to our 3 day ‘invest WITH the best’ Property Bootcamp;
  • 12 x monthly members only meetings;
  • 1-2-1 initial consultation and strategy with directors;
  • Allocated senior portfolio manager;
  • Concierge service to all VIP Mastery members;
  • All publications and manuals free in introductory year;
  • Help in the structure of business development plan;
  • Access to Property Circles Network Powerteam;
  • Direct contact with Directors for ongoing support;
  • Free unlimited access to all training days in year 1;
  • Use of our Property Problem Clinic for assistance;
  • Preferential rates for special weekend events;
  • Access to finance and funding decision makers;
  • Annual conference invitation for 2 people;
  • Free consultation with Sedulo Wealth & Tax Management;
  • Regular updates to your customised membership pack
  • Price on Application


(2 day intensive)

  • The Northern Powerhouse Analysis
  • Buying Off Plan
  • Alternative Property Investments
  • Profile of UK Hotspots
  • VIP Mastery in Property
  • Build Your Power Team
  • Wealth Creation Management
  • Systems, Strategies and Success
  • Mindset of Property Investing
  • Financial Freedom Through Property
  • How to Buy and Sell at Auction
  • JV’s and NMD Structuring Process
  • Find and Trade BMV Properties
  • Understand Leveraging and Equity Release
  • Inflation Proof Asset Sourcing
  • Property Deal Packaging
  • Build Your Property Portfolio
  • Passing on Your Legacy business Plan
  • Top Tips from Leading Experts
  • Marketing your Property
  • Housing Act Legislation
  • Legal and Taxation Setup
  • Be Your Own Letting Agent
  • Think Like an Estate Agent
  • Lease Options and Analysis
  • Refurbishing On a Budget
  • Planning and Building Regulations
  • Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt Analysis
  • HMO Blueprint Training Programme
  • Possession, Arrears and Tenant Eviction
  • Lifestyle Success coaching

Price on Application