Should you be considering selling an investment property we will fully market on your behalf. This may include but not limited to full exposure on Rightmove, Zoopla, local newspapers, our extensive database of investors, promotion by our network partners, end of month investor evenings and property investor shows we attend. We have listed the types of resales you may be considering;


If you choose to buy off plan or end of development and from the outset you have an assignable contract, we provide a service whereby we will promote
your property(s) to our ever growing investor database. In our experience some investors whether novice or seasoned professional prefer to buy at different stages. The earlier you reserve then potentially the lower the price you commit, however there are investors who prefer to see the development materialise and buy nearer completion. More often the price is then higher but gives more assurance to see the finished project. The secret is timing and not being too greedy. A profit can be made by reassigning your contract option, yet still leaving some equity for your buyer.


If you purchase a second hand property by auction or with a discount from a motivated seller, or part of a large portfolio whereby you then refurb and add value, we will market on Rightmove, Zoopla and to our extensive investor database. Furthermore if the property is based in the Northwest we will advertise within the local high street Estate Agent offices of our network partners. If you require we will also procure professional tenant(s) for your property to provide an immediate rental income and thereafter should you wish to sell as an investment property we may have buyers waiting.


If you have a piece of land or a potential site with or without planning permission then we have investors waiting to purchase this type of investment. Alternatively you may have a commercial or office building and would like to maximise your return. We will try to find you an outright buyer OR alternatively we have cash rich investors who will consider a joint venture. You provide the opportunity and they will supply the funding to develop. Main road shops with rooms above that may be suitable for upper floor residential conversion are very popular with investors. We will provide guidance to assist in you achieving the best price.


There are many instances of below market value disposals with endless adverts of investors offering to buy your property for cash in literarily days. Yes this occurs more regularly than you may think. Motivated sellers require money for personal reasons, health, emigrating, relocation, probate, divorce, funds required to support business, siblings going to university, downsizing/upsizing……. so many reasons. If you purchase a property in this way we will re market at true value, find your buyer and hand you a nice profit.

Our network will always have buyers waiting to buy any opportunity at the right price. To discuss your project contact our team today. A quick turnaround will enable you to move on to your next project. Our resales manager is only a phone call away.