As well as being a fantastic market prospect, the city is really beginning to make a name for itself. Billed in 2013 as “a city emerging from the shadows” and since then it really has come into the light after being nominated for UK City of Culture status. A city centre renovation, new culture projects and a lot of positive PR mean investors look set to rake it in during Hull’s cultural revolution. With the city’s incredible rental market potential, property values in Hull are set to explode over the next few years. Soon, those shrewd enough to get in before the masses will be looking at serious increases in value on top of the amazing rent returns

  • Hull has been awarded the UKs City of culture status in 2017
  • The city has strategic access to national and international markets due to excellent connectivity with fast rail services to London (under 3 hours) and the Robin Hood Airport within 52 miles
  • Massive city centre facelift and regeneration underway
  • Hull boasts one of the UK's top Universities
  • BP Investment to local economy
  • Siemens have recently opened a £310 million wind turbine blade factory in Hull, which has been flagged as the biggest investment in the city since Victorian times
  • Home of Hull City Tigers, Hull FC and the Hull Arena

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