Situated in the North West of England on the River Mersey, Liverpool is not only one of the most popular cities in the UK but also one of the best property investment markets. The city is originally most well known for its port, but with more recent impacts from music, sport and culture, the area is not only famous nationally but globally too. With somewhere in the region of £50 Billion set to be invested throughout the city and docklands over the next 50 years, Liverpool is truly becoming a ’modern city’ and there has been no better time than now to be investing in this great city.

  • £50bn is set to be invested in Liverpool over the next 50 years
  • £30bn The approximate value of Liverpool's regional economy
  • 648% rise in property prices since 1981
  • 500,000 Projected population of Liverpool by 2025
  • Currently £1billion worth of developments under way with £1billion more in the pipeline
  • The house prices are growing at a rate faster then London, recording a 7.1% increase in 2016 (Hometrack, 2016)
  • Home of Liverpool FC, Everton FC and the Echo Arena

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